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ufo disclosed


There are hundreds and thousands of evidences and doubts that somehow support the argument that aliens or extraterrestrial life exist and visited our planet earth at different times. The signs of alien’s visitation of our planet are everywhere, we just need to read them and believe them. There are numerous historic references that support the idea of alien on our planet in the past but we still find ourselves asking have aliens visited earth.


Humans of our time think that we are the only ones to consider the possibility of alien existence but the truth is 5000 years ago people were aware of their existence of aliens and how they look like. In Egypt we see ET figures are carved in the King Tuts pyramid resembling our stereotypical belief of the alien image. This not only rectifies that man at that point of time was aware of their existence but also he had some kind of contact with aliens as the native Egyptians are shown offering food to ET. On the walls of the same pyramid images of flying objects shaped like helicopter and rocket can also be found which is totally amazing as this was about 5000 years back when people could not even fathom that these technologies can exist.


Another incident that raised the question: have aliens visited earth occurred in 1977. The telescope known as Big Ear at Ohio State University caught a very unusual signal. Numbers and letters are used to calculate that how strong the signal is. 0 indicates negligible noise while Z means a strong radio signal. When Dr Jerry R. Ehman a renowned astronomer, studied the outcome from the telescope, he was utterly bewildered as the signal read “6EQUJ5” which indicates a considerably strong signal coming from an empty spot in the space. The astronomer was so shocked that he scribbled “Wow” on the print from the telescope. The duration for which the signal lasted was 37 seconds. The most interesting part is that the closest star in that particular direction is at the distance of 220 million light years. The signal came from a constellation named Sagittarius. The signal possessed the traits of an interstellar broadcast.


Museums all over the world have a collection of strange skulls which indicate the existence of some other life lived or visited earth. These skulls can be traced back to centuries and they look nothing like a normal human skull or animal that is known to us. Robert Connolly found an extraordinary skull with extremely large cranium shaped in two lobes. Another skull found by Connolly has twice the size of average human cranial cavity and the facial areal is fairly small. Yet another skull was discovered which was “Starchild” that extremely unusual and unlike a normal human skull. Further investigation showed that the skull is actually a blend of alien-human genes.


Another argument that supports that Extra Terrestrial life forms existed on earth is the sightings of various strange objects with absolutely no established explanation as to what they are. There are hundreds and thousands of events reporting sightings of ET (Extra terrestrial) or UFO (Un identified flying objects) are there but still we want to cut it out. Just a few months earlier in Italy there was a strange looking creature seen crossing the road which caused a traffic jam. The creature also caused the mobile signals to cut out completely as the bewildered audience wanted to inform other about the event. The creature had an oversized head with smaller body and was wearing uniformed in grey. The same creature allegedly destroyed the property of a local farmer earlier that day. Another event that make us to wonder have alien visited earth is the discovery of unknown object found in the bed of Baltic Sea. The object is 60m in diameter covered and is shaped like an egg from the top. It is mushroom shaped with unusual rock formation surrounding the hole. Skeptics believed that the unidentified object is related to ET. The divers who took part in expedition said that they have never seen anything like this in their whole diving career.


Drake equation was created by astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 which estimates the possibility of life on the other planets and the contact of extra terrestrial life forms with earth. The ability to communicate with us already establishes the fact that these extra terrestrial life forms are intelligent probably more intelligent than their human neighbors. The equation has seven factors which includes the rate of star formation, the fraction of life-bearing planets like earth and the estimate number of ET civilizations who ever contacted people from other planets. He estimated that the number of civilizations which made such a contact in past is around 10,000.  Its a scientific reply to the question have alien visited earth.


There are various microbes found inside meteorite came from outer space mainly from Mars collected from different parts of the earth. The microbes have an interesting genes makeup. Some of them closely resemble the microbes usually found on earth while others are nothing like the microbes that exist on our planet. Richard Hoover and his fellow scientists who ran the research on the fossilized alien microbe were utterly shocked at the discovery. We have so many evidences supported by science that we shouldn’t find ourselves asking this now have alien visited earth.


Its like we as human race wants to shut our eyes into the face of reality, a reality that is staring at us. Skeptics say that they is enough evidence of alien existence and also of alien contact with earth in the past but astronomers and government are scared to make the existence of our specie known for they might be hostile, in that case they will rob us off of our resources by invading us. These arguments, events and many other indicate that there is extra terrestrial life that has some kind of interest in our planet so they visit it time to time. There still might be tens and hundreds of aliens wandering off our planet, exploring out of curiosity or spying to prepare for an invasion. I think we should stop wondering have alien visited earth and focus more on we’ll host them in future based on their intentions.