Stonehenge estimated age is 3100BC it is located in Wilthsire, UK. It was constructed in three phrases and apparently required more than thirty million hourse of labour. Speculation on the reason suggest it was built for astronomy. Some of these stones weigh more than 65Tonnes, yet we are supposed to believe that man made this structure. Man supposedly used leather straps to move these boulders. I personally believe that man was assisted in building this structure by an extra-terrestrial life form.

alien 4 stonehenge

Puma Punku a field of stone ruins

Found in the Bolivian highlands, Puma Punku is a field of stone ruins scattered with giant, perfectly carved blocks. A precise workmanship on a massive scale would be almost impossible with without tools and machines, yet this is over 1,000 years old. Ancient alien theorists believe that extraterrestrial life with advanced engineering capablilities created the site or assisted those who did build it.

alien 7

The Nazca Lines in Nazca Desert, Peru.

There is a series of ancient designs strethcing over 50 miles of land has baffled archaeologists for decades. Along with some simple lines and geometric shapes, which include drawings of animals, humans and birds, some measure more than 600 feet across. Because of their enormous size, the figures can only be appreciated from above. There is also no evidence that the Nazca people, who inhabited the area from 300 B.C. to 800 A.D., invented any flying machines. Ancient alien theorists believe the figures were used to assist spaceships as they came in for a landing

nazca lines

Pacal’s Sarcophagus

The Great Pacal ruled over the Mayan city of palenque, which is now known as southern Mexico, in the seventh century, when he died. He was buried inside a pyramid that was called the Temple of Inscriptions. The intricately carved lid of his sarcophagus is now a classic work of Mayan art and also another peice of evidence for ancient alien theorists. They believe the carvings show Pacal in a spaceship during take off, with his foot on a pedal and an oxygen tube in his mouth.



Many of the Ancient texts, which were writted more than Two millenia ago in India, contain references to mythical flying machines called viminas. Pointing to similarities between descriptions of vimanas and reports by people who have seen UFOs, ancient alien theorist have suggested that astronauts from another planet visited India in ancient times


  1. the initial step is to confirm that aliens really do exist or not. if its so true, i'm sure that it'll be the worst issue for our home EARTH and i believe this day'll come soon. since they took a look at EARTH, it is for sure that they are far too advance than us, their paws are deadly and their entry in EARTH is unpredictably mysterious!!!

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  2. Be weary my good fellows for Evil always comes in the best intentions. For no mortal beings are without want. Stick with the devil you know. One's self...

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  3. No hope for society...........

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